Apr 29, 2019

Technical library

How to remember everything? [workshop]

During an evening workshop, Bruno, a Nalys expert, talked about Memory tricks and how to remember information faster and better. 

In the first part he talks about making connections between words and numbers to remember a list of words in the right order. He also talks about associations between words and images by making up a story.

In the second part he talks about the FIG concept (File / Image / Glue). The Body filing system, how to attach words to part of your body using vivid images and a mental glue for a shopping list for example.

Great tips and tricks that can be applicable to everyday life as well as your professional life. Ideal for people who like making lists. 

Tell us what you think.

This workshop is based on a training by Tom Weber available here: https://www.udemy.com/how-to-remember-everything/

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