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Welcome to the Nalys Wep Apps page! If your passion stands in Java, C++ or .NET Core, you are at the right place. Whereas it is for a major public institution or an ambitious digital start-up, we have the chance to work

 on many exciting projects for various customers. Our experts are blooming with new ideas, our technical cells offer many occasions to learn and grow.



Working in telecommunications means having a deep impact on products that millions of people use every day. It also means building the infrastructure and the IT highways of tomorrow that will influence what people will be able to do in the coming years.  Telecom is a wide field where you can open new opportunities and services we cannot even imagine today.


Smart connected objects, in addition to being a booming market, present a lot of interesting challenges from a technological perspective. This is where embedded software, hardware, connectivity and cloud technologies all meet to enable new usages. Applying new technologies in those fields, we can assist our customers on very exciting projects!


Smart cards can easily be found in our daily lives and yet they still are an incredible source of innovation. Some technologies, Near field communication (NFC) or data storage start, haven’t reach their full potential yet. We also know that integrate circuit or contact less system technology will be present on most of tomorrow current objects…


According to studies, 50 billions of devices will be connected by 2020. Guess which kind of interface will be used… Mainly wireless as we will run out of copper. A range of wireless technologies are becoming available, with specific needs (reliability, consumption, uni or bidirectional, cost...) that will need to be addressed. Still some challenging years ahead of us.


In addition to regular technology management opportunities, after more than 10 years of experience, Nalys engineers developed a technical solution around DevOps. Made of different services (productivity, CI/CD, test automation, monitoring, infrastructure and agile way of working), the solution is adapted to the technical needs and environment challenges of our customers.

Under the leadership of a Nalys senior expert and coach, engineers part of the DevOps team work on Linux systems, web development, GUI applications, infrastructure, model based design, CI/CD, build systems, container orchestration and containerization and finally monitoring. Be part of a solution that actually answers technological issues of the industry.


Senior full stack developer

We are still collecting this testimonial. I know, I know… It sould be ready, but trust us, it will be awesome!

Web Developer

Florian is a former member of our Nalys Institute of Technology for Web Applications. Discover one of his latest projects here.


We want to give you the ability to do what you really love and to grow in your career in the web applications field. How do we make it happen? By combining simultaneously 2 evolutions paths: the 1st one is related to your project and the 2nd is integrated within Nalys. Thanks to this system, every Nalys engineer can grow faster and support his/her career following one of our 4 specialisations:

- technical expertise (to become a technical Guru in your domain),
- technical coaching (to share knowledge and make others grow),
- project management (to handle complete and exciting projects) and
- people management (to become a super manager).
Those exclusive career paths come with a quick evolution, training packages, assessment & exciting missions that only Nalys can provide!


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