Welcome to the Nalys Energy page! Energy is a key sector that attracts a lot of interest especially considering the challenging future it faces. The activity offers a large variety of prospects because of the many applications it incorporates. Oil and Gas, Nuclear and Renewable energies make for most of the Energy activity at Nalys. 

It turns out, a lot of competences and technologies are compatible between those 3 sectors (O&G, Nuclear, Renewables) making it easy for our experts to acquire experience through different sectors. If you are passionate about bringing energy to the world, Nalys Energy will be the place to build your career.


Oil & Gas

Working in Oil and Gas means being able to work all over the world for major companies, suppliers and EPCs. Oil and Gas in itself is a vast sector, we are working on Onshore, Offshore and Subsea projects through the whole Engineering, Procurement and Construction Phases.


The Nuclear sector is the first source of electricity production and consumption in France and in Belgium. While France is one of the main actors in the latest Nuclear Reactor technologies, Nalys is also working with the main actors of the Naval Nuclear industry. 

Renewable Energies

Even if Oil and Gas and Nuclear technologies cannot yet be totally replaced, it is our objective to increase our presence within current Onshore and Offshore Major Worldwide Renewables Projects. Renewable energies are dynamic sector that will attract more and more actors in the future.


We want to give you the ability to do what you really love and to grow in your career in the life sciences field. How do we make it happen? By combining simultaneously 2 evolutions paths: the 1st one is related to your project and the 2nd is integrated within Nalys. Thanks to this system, every Nalys engineer can grow faster and support his/her career following one of our 4 specialisations:

- technical expertise (to become a technical Guru in your domain),
- technical coaching (to share knowledge and make others grow),
- project management (to handle complete and exciting projects) and
- people management (to become a super manager).
Those exclusive career paths come with a quick evolution, training packages, assessment & exciting missions that only Nalys can provide!


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