Dec 5, 2017

Technical library

3D printing - Is additive manufacturing a suitable solution for your business?


Antoine is a 3D printing aficionado. Freshly graduated from GroupT KULeuven and now working as a Mechanical Engineer at Nalys, he has closely followed the additive manufacturing innovations worldwide. He performed his Master thesis in the development department of 3D Systems which develops state-of-the-art metal 3D printers. The presentation will show you the power and ease of implementation of the different 3D printing technologies.

This presentation has been recorded during the first Mechanical Engineering Meetup in Belgium organised the 23th of November at Brussels. The goal of this group is to organize conferences, trainings, and presentation of personal projects related to Mechanical engineering. For this first Meetup we will have the chance to learn more about: electric race-car, loudspeaker & 3D printing.

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