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Hello and welcome to the Nalys healthcare community. If your passion stands in QA, validation, regulatory, digital, automation or project management, you are at the right place! We have created this page to present you the exciting activities of Nalys Life Sciences and to give you a taste of our culture. Our motto: One team, one goal. The Team is made of around 100 passionate engineers working in Belgium, France, Ireland

and around Europe for key players and innovative biotech start-ups. And our Goal? To drive innovation, offer the best technology services for our partners and make our engineers grow in the process. By browsing through these pages, you will enter a world where people are driven by their passion and blooming with new ideas. Happy reading!


In our model, every Nalys engineer belongs to a technical cell. The Nalys cells are autonomous teams gathering maximum 40 people sharing the same expertise and working with the support of a technical leader. Thanks to these technical eco-systems, our Life Sciences engineers benefit

from coaching sessions, specific training plan and regular technical events. And do you know what the best part is? In this exclusive organisation, every employee can be a part of the company development and directly benefit from it. And you, what would be your cell?



From the biotech start-up to the big pharmaceutical firm, we’ve built a strong audit expertise by gathering and analysing the best practises from various industries. Thanks to our pole of experts, we answer audits projects while keeping all processes under control and offering improvements solutions of the global quality system.


Our Life Sciences expert engineers are able to provide complete trainings and coaching sessions for various projects in the fields of Quality Assurance, Qualification & Validation, Automation, Engineering, PM and PMO…  As part of the Nalys career system, we also provide trainings to Nalys engineers so they become better trainers. 

Engineering services

Today, our historical expertise is based on Life Sciences consulting. As a part of it, our engineers share their knowledge during customer’s projects for an average period of 1,5 years. The quality of these missions is guaranteed thanks to a 3-months based project review system and a technical support delivered on demand by Nalys experts.

Technology partnership

In 2015, we’ve been awarded for our new TaaS project mode. This exclusive service allows us to lead complex technological projects gathering several engineers with various skills. In addition to performance monitoring and strong engagement on results, it also offers exciting work opportunities for our Life-Sciences engineers. 


Quality Control Supervisor

Discover Gaetan latest project here.

Project Manager & TaaS Leader

Jonathan is one of our key project manager. He had the chance to work on our very first TaaS project.  Read more about it here.

Quality Assurance Project Manager

We are still collecting this testimonial. I know, I know… It sould be ready, but trust us, it will be awesome!

Local management Technical Validation

We are still collecting this testimonial. I know, I know… It sould be ready, but trust us, it will be awesome!


We want to give you the ability to do what you really love and to grow in your career in the life sciences field. How do we make it happen? By combining simultaneously 2 evolutions paths: the 1st one is related to your project and the 2nd is integrated within Nalys. Thanks to this system, every Nalys engineer can grow faster and support his/her career following one of our 4 specialisations:

- technical expertise (to become a technical Guru in your domain),
- technical coaching (to share knowledge and make others grow),
- project management (to handle complete and exciting projects) and
- people management (to become a super manager).
Those exclusive career paths come with a quick evolution, training packages, assessment & exciting missions that only Nalys can provide!



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