Jun 11, 2018

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About Composite Material - Mechanical Engineering Meetup

Everybody heard about composites! It’s like the new thing in town, the must-have in the latest period, the WOW of the nowadays engineering. But does everyone know what it is in fact? Why is it that popular? What are its benefits? Does it have minuses as well? Can we use it in our everyday life or it is just a “rocket-science” thing? Curious already? Have alook at Alexandra's presentation:

Composites by Alexandra Ispas -  aerospace engineer

Aerospace Engineer and Composite geek: about Alexandra Ispas

As easy as can it be, one can say that Alexandra Ispas is just a normal aerospace engineer with some years of experience in aircraft repairs, materials, stress calculation, design, structures and so on. Besides all of that, she is a sociable person that is always looking forward for making new friends and meeting new people. Debating different subjects about technology, science, engineering, consulting and of course about social events and social life is her thing as well.

She’s always open to help you and offer solutions; but must be aware: her curiosity and stubbornness will make her go to the end to discover the true problem and the best solution.

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