May 2, 2018


Mechanical Engineering Meetup:  Case study, project management & composite material

The Mechanical Engineering Meetup team is organizing a new technical event to share knowledge and meet other experts on the 31st of May in Brussels. For this new event, 3 speakers will talk about: Composite materials, project management and a cool case study about innovation in an aeronautical company. The goal is to organize conferences, trainings, and presentation of personal projects related to mechanical engineering. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing moment around a drink/food with other engineers.

The agenda will be the following one:

1. Kick-off of the meetup: what are we going to do? (15min)
2. For this inaugural session, we will welcome three guests (1h15)
3. Projects & food sharing time: Present your project to the rest of the community & grow your network
4. Drinks & Networking

Technical presentation & speakers

1- Composites
by Alexandra Ispas - aerospace engineer

Everybody heard about composites! It’s like the new thing in town, the must-have in the latest period, the WOW of the nowadays engineering.
But does everyone know what it is in fact? Why is it that popular? What are its benefits? Does it have minuses as well? Can we use it in our everyday life or it is just a “rocket-science” thing?
Curious already? Come and find out the answer of these questions and even more in our next meetup.

2- A first introduction to project management
by Yacin – project Manager

More and more people call themselves project managers, however are they really? I'll try to give a bit of a background of what a project is and why they need to be managed.

3- Sonaca Engineering Services
by Alexandre Crespo - Material and Processes Engineer

Sonaca Engineering Services is a business unit of Sonaca, a major actor of the aerospace market. It has been created 5 years ago and it aims at offering a broad range of expertise. The presentation will show you the different skills offered by this innovative business unit and some show cases to illustrate how the Sonaca engineers can answer to the proposed challenges.


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