Sep 18, 2019

Nalys Life

Nalys France starts its Fall Campus Tour

The Nalys France recruiting team is hitting the road and starting its very own Tour de France!

That's right, in France it is the time of job fairs where students from all over the country are starting to think seriously about the future and what they want to do. It's during that time that they will get to meet lots of different companies and have many opportunities. 

From early October to late November, Nalys will visit more than 20 different schools and do several forums. 

Here are the dates and locations of their French Tour!

Feel free to come meet them and have a chat when they pass near you.

Forum Industries de Santé - Rouen - October 1st

Polytech - Lille - October 1st

ESIEE - Amiens - October 3rd

UTT - Troyes - October 8th

Epita - Paris - October 8th

Polytech UPMC - Paris - October 10th

CELSA - Paris October 14th / 23rd (virtual forum)

Esisar Grenoble INP - Valence - October 15th - 16th

Ense3 Grenoble INP - Grenoble - October 16th

ESEO - Angers - October 17th

Alsace Tech - Strasbourg - October 17th

Enserb matmeca - Bordeaux - October 17th

UTC - Compiègne - October 17th

HEI ISEN - Lille - October 24th

EBI - Paris - November 13th

ESTACA - PAris - November 14th & 15th

Esme Sudria - Paris - November 15th

IMT Lille Douai - Villeneuve d'Asq - November 19th

Polytech - Grenoble - November 19th

ENSICAEN - Caen - November 21st

ENSEA Supmeca - Paris - November 21st

ESIEE - Paris - November 24th

INSA - Lyon - March 11th

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