Feb 5, 2019

Nalys Life

Start of the 2019 first semester Campus Tour!

Nalys is coming to meet you!

From February to May, our recruitment team is touring Belgium to recruit the next generation of young talented engineers. Feel free to have a look at our graduate programs on Embedded Software and Web Applications. More info here.

Several dates are also planned for France later!

Here are the dates they have planned for this Campus Tour for the upcoming months.

Come and meet them at a job fair near your home :)


Groep-T – Leuven – February 13th

Epitech – Paris – February 15th

VUB – Brussels – February 20th

VTK – Gent – February 26th

Job day Sciences – Brussels – February 27th

KUL - Geel – February 27th

VTK – Leuven – March 1st

Technologiecampus – Gent – March 1st

UCL – Louvain la Neuve – March 4th

Nacht van den Ingenieur – Diepenbeek – March 7th

ULB – Brussels – March 7th

Thomas Moore - Campus De Nayer – March 12th

ULYSSIS – Leuven – March 13th

HELHA – Mons – March 15th

ECAM – Woluwe-Saint-Lambert – March 20th

Ugent Kortrijk – Gent – March 21st

Technologiecampus – Bruges – March 25th

HEPL ISIL – Liège – March 27th

KUL Virtual Career Fair – March 28th

ICC – Gent – April 2nd

Students2Industry – Brussels - April 3rd

EPF – Paris – April 18th  

Helmo Gramme - Liège – May 2nd

  • Discover the Nalys Institute of Technology

    More than 2 years later, the graduate programs made in Nalys still show great results

  • Nalys invites you to its graduation nights

    The September session of our graduate program is coming to an end and we are planning two special events for the occasion.

  • Launch of the 2018 Nalys campus Tour!

    Next week we will hit the road to meet passionate young engineers during the 2018 Nalys Campus Tour.