Jan 22, 2020

Nalys Life

The best of 2019

2019 was definitely a landmark year for Nalys. We had many changes, lots of challenges and also lots of successes. We are headed to a new year which will mark as a second chapter for Nalys. In the meantime, here are the key milestones of the previous year.

January - Technical start

The year started with an event of one of our technical cells. Members of the Linux community met to talk about Git. Every month they gather in our Brussels and Gent offices to talk about a different topic around their field of expertise.

February - Meet the people at Nalys

In February, Nalysians started being more visible with a brand new video format: Meet our people. With these videos, you got to know our engineers, their expertise, their passion, just as they are. Spontaneous and genuine.

Watch one of the videos here

March - Spring session for the NIT

The Nalys Institute of Technology had a session for Embedded systems trainees. 8 of them followed the program of 2 months of intensive training followed by several months of coaching by experts.

Learn more about the Traineeship programs here.

April - The Paris team expands

A new Director joins the team Nalys Paris. In 2019, Nalys developed its activities in France. This video introduces the new manager of this development.

May - Embedded experts talk

Begining of May, Nalys hosted an Embedded experts talk. More than 50 people came to hear an expert from WolfSSL talk about Secure firmware for the Internet of Things as well as someone from Kapernikov, talk about C++ in embedded applications.

Here as the videos of the event:

Secure firmware updates for the IoT
C++ in embedded applications

June - Big meet of the Life Sciences division

Early June, the Life Sciences gathered to welcome their newcomers, talk about the projects of the year and talked strategy with a look at the future.

Interested in joining Life Sciences? Check out our offers here.

July - Summer events

This year, the Summer events were multiplied by the number of divisions. Each engineer did a team building to get to know each other if they didn't before, or just to have fun together. Some did karting, some paintball and otehrs bowling!

Find out more about the Nalys culture here

August - Recruitment team gets ready to go on tour

The France recruitment team started its Campus tour to visit major engineering schools in France. Nalys went to almost 20 schools in the course of two months.

September - Life Sciences launches its traineeship program

For the first year, the Life Sciences division created and launched a program for young automation engineers wanting to start in the Health industry. 10 engineers joined the program in Belgium.

Learn more about the automation programs here.

October - New activity in France

Beside the existing activities of Nalys: Embedded systems, Web Applications, Life Sciences and Mechanical and Manufacturing, the French opened a new activity for Energy. Nalys now has clients in Oil & Gas, nuclear and renewable energies. 

Find out more about this new activity.

November - Project ceremonies

The 3 traineeships that started in September for automation, embedded systems and web applications finished the training part of the program. End of November for automation and begining of December for embedded and webapp, the trainees presented their projects in front of their colleagues and clients.

December - Nalys second award ceremony

December is the month of the gala for Nalys. For the second year, we organized an award ceremony destined to celebrate the successes of the year and what was accomplished by our Nalysians. A magical night it was!

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