Jan 3, 2017

Nalys Life

Yearly report - The Nalys 2016 review

Discover the key facts & figures that made 2016 such a great year for Nalys. How did our employees help us to go from a company strategy to the reality? How does the Nalys model is becoming more & more concrete and visible? How do we strengthen our company culture? Find the answers in the 2016 Nalys review!

2016 has brought a lot to us and it was made possible thanks to our engineers.

The Nalys model is becoming more & more concrete and visible every day. Our brand is starting to be known by both customers and engineers across industries. And our culture is stronger than ever!

There are still processes and ways to improve, but isn’t it what makes our jobs so exciting? With the recent launch of the Nalys roles and our new evolution matrix, we can truly give everyone the opportunity to give a sense to their passions by creating the perfect job. We are very proud of this and we are looking forward to supporting you all in the process!

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