From the work environment to your career development, things are always in motion when you work as an engineer at Nalys. To make sure that we can best support you in this changing environment, we have created this page which relates all the periods and facets of your career with us. 

This will give you an idea of the support you will have and the programs you can be invoved in here at Nalys from the moment you arrive to the development of your career with us. Enjoy reading!


    As you know, as a consultant, it is sometimes difficult to have a follow-up on both your client's project and your career. That's why at Nalys we offer you a support system that brings together these two aspects of your work as a consultant. First of all, you are accompanied by a Project Manager. With him, you make regular updates to follow the progress of your mission and report any difficulties you may encounter. He or she is also present at each project review that you have with your client. On the Nalys side, you are followed by a Career Manager. Together you develop a career plan that fits with your long term goals and preferences. In addition, you have the support of the TED - for Talent Engagement and Development - Human Resources department. This department follows you throughout your career at Nalys.

    At Nalys we know that a satisfied engineer is even more successful with his client. That's why we have developed 4 specialisations that allow us to better guide you throughout your career. As soon as you join us, we determine together whether you are more an Expert, Technical Coach, Project Manager or Team Manager. You will follow a specific evolution grid according to your orientation towards one of these 4 specializations. It is thanks to this dual evolution system that you will be able to become an actor in the development of the company and that we will be able to shape with you the career path that suits you.  


    On a daily basis, you will work on a project for one of our clients, most of the time within their company. In addition to the different types of technology services we offer (find out more here), we put a lot of effort into making sure that projects run smoothly. Every 3 months, we organize project reviews in which you participate with your client and your Project Manager. During these meetings, you will talk about the performance of the assignment to make sure everything is going well. Following these discussions can be organized coaching sessions, training sessions or any other action plan that will allow us to bring the project to a successful conclusion and ensure your satisfaction as well as that of the client. It is also through this process that we collect your feedback and ensure that you continue to enjoy your job on a daily basis!


    We have developed a unique model. In parallel to the strategic technology consulting missions you do, you have the opportunity to get involved in the development of Nalys. Over the years, our engineers have developed strategic programs designed to support you in your role as a consultant and to develop your skills. As soon as you arrive, we offer you the opportunity to play an active role in our development. Because engineers are the best suited to develop programs for engineers. That's why we have created an intrapreneur program that adheres to one of our values: entrepreneurship. It is the basis of our main strategic programmes such as the technical cells, the ICMs and the Nays Institute of Technologies.


    We know that engineers learn a great deal by interacting with each other through the sharing of experience. That's why we have developed technical communities centred around expertise. Each community has its own autonomous management system and facilitates the transmission of knowledge and the sharing of best practices. Nearly 70% of our engineers benefit from the technical support of these cells, which also organize regular training sessions and technical events. A real advantage that makes you exchange on technical topics with your peers and is a real career accelerator.

    In addition to this technical support, you can also be welcomed in our Integrated Management Centres or ICMs. These centres are formed when several Nalys engineers work for the same customer. They form a community that accelerates the reception of newcomers and facilitates project continuity. This generates stronger links with our customers and thus a better collaboration.

  • VIP Period

    A Nalys engineer works an average of 15 months on a project. This is an ideal time to gain skills while learning a new environment. It also allows you to discover different companies, different sectors, new technologies and new products. During your career with us, you may experience transition periods between two projects, called VIP period for Valuable Internal Project. The VIP period is a very rewarding time because it allows you to get involved in internal projects at Nalys: organisation of training, creation of support, involvement in technical cells, while training you to prepare your next mission. It also gives you the opportunity to work alongside other Nalysians and exchange on your respective experiences.


    In addition to all the experiences you will have during your projects, you will be part of the Nalys family. And believe us, that means a lot! You will have the opportunity to participate in many events such as afterworks, our end of year party, technical meetups and lots of other opportunities to meet up with your colleagues. Our offices in Brussels are the perfect illustration of this Nalys culture. In the heart of the European capital, this great place welcomes you with a wall of photos of each Nalysian. You can take a scooter ride to our Tech Lab, our training rooms, have a coffee with your colleagues in the coffee corner or take a break with a colleague over a game of ping pong or pool table. Everything has been thought of to ensure that our engineers find themselves in a pleasant working atmosphere.