May 24, 2018

Nalys Life

2 minutes to understand the Nalys Technical Cells

We’ve met with some of the Nalys people working in the first technical cells to learn more about those exclusive communities.

What is a Nalys Technical cell?

The technical cells are groups of people with the same technical skills (Linux, quality validation, quality control, project management…)

The 3 ingredients of a technical cell are:

  • one technical specialization
  • never more than 40 members
  • a self managed organization

The cell is organized in several departments dedicated to: training, technology, performance, career, business, and monitoring. This unique ecosystem offers  good occasions for Nalys engineers to get specialize in paths such as coaching, technical expertise, people management or project management. And most importantly, it gives them the opportunity to work on concrete projects on those fields, without waiting.


What is the mission of those tehnical departments?

The mission of the cells is to make the Nalys communities of experts grow.

Because the more they will grow, the most valuable it will be for every Nalys engineers. This unique collaborative model will allow them to share with other experts, improve their technical knowledge and gather best practices from different industries. The cells will also give access to trainings, coaching sessions, technical events and introduction to not well-known technologies.


How does Nalys support this model?

Nalys invests 2% of its annual turnover for the cells. In 2018, we are talking about almost 0,5 Million euros. This investment is used to support the cells development. For instance, we plan to “hire” some of our engineers, part-time or even full-time at Nalys, to work in the cell organization and to support its members.

That’s why Nalys was founded: to put people in contact with each other so that they can grow faster together.

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