Jan 11, 2018

Nalys Life

The very best of 2017

2018 is upon us! As January passes by, we’ve decided to go back to our old 2017 files to find the best pictures from last year. Technical events, graduate programs, training session or Nalys party… From the company key moments to the little things that make our culture, we offer you a trip in one of the most exciting years of Nalys. So grab a cup of coffee and let’s go back in time!

January 2017
Wish you a gourmet new year!

In January, we had the chance to start the year with some absolutely delicious chocolate Tux, home-made by one of our Developer. A great motivation to start 2017 and prepare the program of the coming Graduate program.    


Discover our Embedded Linux Graduate program

February 2017
Rise of the web app team

Last February, the freshly created web application division started the creation of its own graduate program. Back then, it was a time for brainstorming session, pizza meeting & other night working sessions.  


Discover our Java Graduate program

March 2017
When Nalys Goes Green

Last year we had a little surprise when one of our engineer working from Brussels for an Irish customer decided to celebrate Saint Patricks Day. A good example of what a great company culture and passionate people can bring to an office!


Learn more about our company culture

April 2017
The Nalys Life-Science family

One team, One goal. Here comes the motto of the Nalys Life Sciences division. And as it is way more than words, they organise regular events such as lunch’s, meeting or even plenary sessions.

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May 2017
Train tomorrow's trainers

As a part of Nalys training policy, over 30 Nalys engineers participated simultaneously in a special train the trainers session. The idea: train those key people and give them the key to become tomorrow’s coaches.  


Learn more about our special career path.

June 2017
Belgium DevOps Meetup

Last year we also had the chance to be the sponsor of the Belgium Devops Meetup. Their first event even took place in our Brussels headquarter, and several Nalys engineers had the chance to participate in its organisation.


Watch on of the event presentation

July 2017
Nalys Summer event

Our employees often say that Nalys is like a family. As our family member are working all around Europe, we organise regular events to gather everyone. Last summer we chose to create a Nalys Fun Faire and it was a great party!


Have a look at the event video

August 2017
The Nalys Wall of frames

In August we officially launched our Wall of frames. The idea: each one of our employees has their official portrait picture hung on this special wall of our Brussels HQ. We still miss some people, but it is already awesome!  


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September 2017
Welcome on-board

Last year in September, we had the chance to welcome over 50 new engineers in the Nalys family. And as conviviality is part of our 3 main values, they all participated in our traditional welcome Day.


Learn more about our D-Day

October 2017
Flanders, here we are!

In October, we officially opened our new office in Gent. This new HQ in the heart of Flanders is for us a good occasion to get closer to our customers as well as our engineers working in the region. 

Watch our office-warming party video


November 2017
It’s graduation Day!

Beginning of November, our 30 young Java developers and Embedded Linux engineers just finished their graduate programs trainings and pass their graduation projects woith success. Next step: a 6-months coaching period for one of our customer. 

Discover our programs for young graduates


December 2017
Nalys Gala!

To thanks all our employees for the great job they did, we invite them and their +1 to the traditional Nalys Gala. And this year it was a great Gatsby party which gathered over 300 people!


Have a look at the Gala video

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