Jul 25, 2019

Technical library

Home automation: Make your home come alive

Sibrecht, one of our passionate engineers, gave a presentation on Home automation and how he started his journey with it. 

He has a strong passion for home automation in which he developed a lot of expertise in his free time by following online topics, trying a lot of different things and talking with people. During this workshop, he presented Home Assistant, the open source platform he uses.

Once  upon a time, I had a remote for my fence that failed to work. I thought: in this time of the Internet Of Things, shouldn’t it be possible to control it with my smartphone? Then it got a little out of hand. But it became more and more interesting. Today I can chat with my house. All the lights, music and gates are integrated into one system. I can even log if the mailman really rang  the doorbell before putting a note in the mailbox.

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