May 15, 2019

Technical library

Embedded experts talk: C++ in embedded applications

On May 8th Nalys hosted an Embedded Experts talk. More than 50 people came. Bart Verhagen the speaker from Kapernikov, talked about C++ in embedded applications.

In the 21st century, C is still THE system programming language for embedded devices. C++ on the other hand, despite being a superset of C, never reached such levels of popularity. Steadily, it is getting more traction in the embedded community. In order to assess whether C++ is a valid alternative for C for your application, a few questions need to be addressed:
- will it save development time?
- will it reduce maintenance cost?
- will it improve run time performance?
- will it reduce safety and security risks?

In order to answer these questions, the presentation builds a nuanced understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of C++ for embedded applications: we will zoom in on the usefulness of the added feature set, performance, memory usage, size footprint, its 'cost-less abstraction' paradigm etc.

The video features his presentation.

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