Nov 12, 2020

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DevOps tuto for Embedded developers

Presentation on DevOps during Embedded Experts Talk

During the last Embedded Experts talk, sponsored by Rombit and Nalys, Jochen made a presentation on DevOps lessons for the Embedded developer.

"The software development world has been shaken up in the last decade by great improvements in software development life cycle execution, release automation, virtualization of runtime environments, service availability and project management strategies. The impact of each of these principles to the actual development velocity and release cycle of software has lately been categorized under the (often abused by marketing) term DevOps (or, within Google, Site Reliability Engineering or SRE). Unbelievable increases in developer productivity and shortenings of release cycles have been shouted across the software blogosphere.

After successfully implementing CI/CD pipelines, test automation frameworks and DevOps transformations in the semi-conductor industry and companies operating in the embedded space, Jochen has learned and experienced how to apply these principles in our corner of the software development world." 

During this presentation, you will hear discussion about what the underlying principles of DevOps are, how to apply them in the embedded space and how this translates in concrete technical implementations and good practices to live by. 

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