Feb 6, 2020

Nalys Life

Nalys wins Trends Gazelles for Brussels

We are thrilled to announce that Nalys is the Laureate of the 2020 Trends Gazelles in the category the medium-sized companies. 

A huge win for Nalys

Every year, the ranking made by the famous economic magazine Trends Tendances awards companies that make the biggest growth jump over the last five years. The companies selected are then called Trends Gazelle.  One of the best ranked companies even becomes Trends Gazelle Ambassador for a year.

Nalys is first ranked and Ambassador for the Brussels region for 2020.


A ranking based on objective figures

The ranking is divided into three categories: big corporations, medium-sized companies and small businesses. It is based on real growth figures: growth in turnover, personnel and cash flow over five years. For the 2020 ranking, the figures are from 2014 and 2018.

On February 5th, all the companies in the Brussels region ranking, gathered to celebrate and hear the name of the winner and Ambassador of each category.  And here we were!

An inspiring night where we got to see many of the fastest growing companies in the area.


Nalys in the papers

We have another surprise: because we are Ambassador Trends Gazelle this year, an article was written on Nalys in the Trends - Tendances magazine! 

Our CEO Patrice Serange sat down with a journalist from Trends' to talk about our incredible journey since the creation of Nalys 9 years ago. The magazine is available from this morning in Belgian book sellers.

"Our employees work hard to bring the best technology solutions to our customers in many industries."

The final step of the Trends Gazelles is in two months when companies from all regions of Belgium will be represented. Finger crossed! 

And in the meantime, it's time to celebrate this great win! Here are a few pictures from last night.

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