Jul 19, 2022

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Why is it so important to refer your next colleagues?

'Referrals are the best way to have the best colleagues'

In today's job market, people change job more easily. That increases the competition to attract the best talents.  

A few weeks ago Nalys organized an internal challenge around referral. What it showed is that people have really different points of view and sometimes carry misconceptions on the matter. We decided to talk to our best 'referrers' and get their opinion. For them it is pretty natural to refer people they know or worked with. But for some people, referring is synonym to recruiting when it really isn't. 

If they have people to refer, consultants at Nalys work hand in hand with the Recruitment team and be as involved in the recruitment process as they want. For some that means spending some time sharing their view on the company, the culture, the DNA. For others it just means sharing the contact informations of people they know to be good experts. And there is everything in between. Engineers will know good experts and good talents that Recruiters may not identify or find.

At Nalys we are using a platform facilitating the sharing of job offers: Keycoopt. Engineers have a clearer idea of the recurring profiles we are looking for, even if they are not in their division. Externally it facilitates the sharing of these offers.

Ultimately, what we know is that people joining a company from referral stay longer, their recruitment process is shorter and more qualitative. The trend is also that people who joined a company through referral will then be more willing to refer. That leads to generations of referrals. That is why it is so important to include this policy in a company. It's a win win win effect: collaborators win points in the internal currency*, referrals have a better recruitment process and the company can grow faster with the right people!

*If the company implemented a system of rewards for referrals.

Watch the full video for more information.

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