Nov 12, 2018

Nalys Life

The Nalys graduate program gets practical

The graduates from our Embedded graduate program rolled up their sleeves. They are developing a special project: the (self-named) Sigma Belt.

Sigma Belt is a kind of sorting chain. It’s designed to sort objects depending on their size. Small objects are transported to the end of the belt at fast speed while high objects move at a slower speed and are pushed aside at the beginning.  Finally, objects that are too tall are removed from the belt and go backwards.

How does it work?

3 microcontrollers are connected to each other. They exchange information on whether or not the object has the right size depending on what the sensors on the belt say.

Sensors communicate their data to the CAN bus and the controller manages the switching between the different actions based on the received information.  A car dashboard is also there to display information, like the speed of the objects on the belt. A kill switch shuts down the whole system if needed.

Since September, about sixteen graduates joined the program to follow courses on Embedded automotive and embedded linux from several of our own experts in Brussels and Gent.

The program will end with two special graduation evenings on November 22nd in Brussels and November 29th in Gent, where each graduate will present their final projects.

Contact if you want more info.

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