Nov 2, 2017

Nalys Life

Nalys consulting: 2017 Gala video

 This year, we've made a little teaser video for our 2017 Nalys Gala. Nalys  engineers from Belgium and beyond and their +1 will have the chance to gather for this exciting event, with a special theme party…

“Hello Nalys World! Guess where we’re at? We’re at the castle of Terblock. We are here to check the venue for the Gala… So let’s go inside and let’s get mesmerize!“

  • Nalys Wall of Frames

    We now have a super-cool Nalys Wall of Frames in our Brussels headquarter. learn more about its story…

  • Nalys Monday celebration meeting

    Discover our little ritual to start the week full of good energy…

  • This is Nalys - summer event 2017

    We've asked our engineers to tell us more about Nalys.