Feb 10, 2020

Technical library

Qt application for LED detection

Nalys mission

The customer had a process where an operator needed to install a certain amount of, up to 100, devices to a predefined position. After the device was positioned it needed to be configured. [...] The customer raised the question if it was possible to automate this process with the main objective to reduce the human errors and to reduce the time consuming parts of the process.

About the project

This project started as a proof of concept for the customer to prove Nalys was able to deliver a satisfying result. After this proof of concept the project was proceeded on sprint basis.

The project consisted of multiple requirements:

  • Detection of the devices with a camera
  • Application should be run on a tablet
  • Preferably the built-in camera of the tablet should be used
  • Automatic configuring of the devices
  • Application should compensate for the operator slightly moving the camera while standing

Nalys Solution

To very first step was:

  • Build Systems: Bazel vs Make

    Global comparison of multiple build systems

  • Modernizing Continuous Integration infrastructure 

    Into a more scalable and fault resilient solution

  • What is a TaaS project?

    Proof of Concepts, Demos and Complete Projects, here is everything to know about TaaS