Apr 29, 2021

Technical library

N'tech event: Harnessing Bazel to build fast & correctly

Want to learn more about the ways you can make your software build system more efficient?

During this webinar, Tim & Olivier embedded software developers, talked about what important advantages the speed and correctness of Bazel can bring for a project. Using a demo, they showed the basic initial setup of a new #Bazel project, showcasing the general philosophy of a modern build tool.

This includes efficiently building code, but also using Bazel's power to speed up your tests. They presented how to make it easier for developers to adopt the new system and finally demonstrated some advanced topics like extending Bazel with your own rules to completely make it your own.

By the way, what is N’tech?

N’tech is program powered by Nalys whose goal is to create technical communities of engineers around events. We believe that bringing experts together around common topics is the best way to generate real exchange, grow these communities and create real change.

For now those events take the form of webinars but in the future we plan on meeting physically.

Find out about the next N’tech events related to Life Sciences and Software here: ntech-events.com

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