27 jan. 2020

Nalys Life

What are the technical cells at Nalys?

Almost two years ago, Nalys created communities of experts that share the same background. The goal? Capitalize on individual expertise to make it a powerful tool. Members of the cells exchange with one another to help grow their expertise, train, generate processes and documents on their field of expertise.

Today, Nalys has 5 active cells and others are in preparation.

Take 2 minutes to learn more:

  • Technical cells turn one!

    A year ago, Nalys launched its first technical cell. Now we have 4 and more to come!

  • 2 minutes to understand the Nalys Technical Cells

    We’ve met with some of the Nalys people working in the first technical cells to learn more about those exclusive communities.

  • Meetup: Embedded Experts talk

    The next meetup of the Embedded systems Belgium community will take place in our offices.  Limited spots available.