Jul 6, 2022

Nalys Life

Welcome to our newcomers from the last months

Over the past few weeks and months, we got to welcome a lot of new people.

The ones below we can see in picture: Benjamin, Claire, Jérôme, Lucas, Morgane, Roman, Sébastien, Sylvain, Thomas, Tiffany, Valentin, Vincent. And the ones will will have to wait to see in 2D: Abdelhamid, Adrian Marius, Alexandra, Benjamin, Gérard, Ikram, Karen, Lyli Rim, Lat, Mathilde, Souhael, Yassine, Yohann and Xavier.

Many names for the many topics they are each experts in! They will be located in France, Belgium and even Spain. Great to have you onboard.

  • Welkom bij het team, nieuwe Nalysians!

    Zeg hallo tegen onze recente nieuwkomers

  • Nalys opent nieuw kantoor in Lyon

    3 jaar na de opening van ons eerste kantoor in Frankrijk...

  • Welkom aan boord, nieuwe Nalysians!

    Hier zijn onze recente nieuwkomers