Sep 5, 2017

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Nalys Career review Facts & Figures

This summer, we’ve asked to Nalys engineers to send their feedback about the company. And today, we are happy to share this information with you. But before starting, a short story about how we have collected those datas:

Twice a year, every Nalys engineer participates in a career review to make sure that everything is going well and to plan the future of his/her job. To prepare this meeting, they received a special survey with various questions about their day-to-day project, their wishes for the coming months and many more. We've collected those datas and combined the most relevant facts & figures to make you this article about what Nalys engineers think of their own company. Happy reading!




Exactly 92.9% of our engineers answered to the Nalys career Survey this summer. (Thank you for your participation) ;). Their feedback is precious for the company and it helps us become better in what we do.




88% of our engineers consider Nalys as a good employer, and we are 100% thankful for their trust & 100% motivated to do even better in the future!



On a rate from 0 to 10,the average interest of our engineers in their current project is up to 7.6 over the past six months. A nice average that still leaves us room for improvements.




80% of them declares to be “satisfied “or “very satisfied” regarding their professional growth, and we are working hard to reach the remaining 20%. :)



55.6% of Nalys engineers consider that they are creating value during their project for our customers. The rest of them are: "still learning", "doing what is asked" or working to make their ideas come to life. Keep going, it will pay soon!




1/3 of the Nalys engineers got one or several trainings session(s) during the past 6 months. And we hope that it will keep going that way for the coming months.




34% of our employees participated in a Nalys internal project* in the past months and helped us to make the company grow. Thank you, you are awesome!


(*training creation, coaching, technical event organisation…)




100% of those facts & figures are coming from answers to the Nalys career survey and we did not change anything. All we did was just to collecting the information and share the most relevant datas with you.

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