Apr 22, 2019

Nalys Life

Nalys launches a new training program on automation

In September, Nalys will launch a new intensive training program of 2 months followed by 6 months of coaching for the trainees' first project.

In 2016, the Nalys Institute of Technology was launching its first training program on Embedded systems. Another program on WebApp was developed with specialties in Linux and Automotive. More than 50 engineers have been trained through these programs and new sessions are openning. And now it's Automation's turn to have its own training program.

The goal of the automation program?

Help young graduates sharpen their technical skills so that they are adapted to the market and accompny them for the start of their career.

During the training, they will learn about:

  • P&ID - knowing how to differenciate instruments and their function
  • Production organization
  • Equipments
  • Classic errors to avoid
  • Main steps of a process

In September, 10 graduates will come to Brussels to follow this training taught by Nalys engineers with many years of experience.

If you are interested in the program, click bellow for more information. The program will be delivered in French, so for now only French speakers will be accepted.

Subscriptions will be closed on June 10th

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