Mar 25, 2019


Project presentation of our NIT Fall engineers

A few months ago, our NIT engineers presented their project in video. Here is the recap of the awesome projects of some of them.

Here are the different presentations that were filmed:

  • First you have Tim who integrated the Google tool Bazel into Nokia's code
  • Then Thomas, who implemented a position control on a BLDC motor
  • Then Gerwin talks about the telephone network and the evolution from ADSL to G fast
  • Michiel will present the board needed to have a bluetooth connection between a headset and a PC
  • Olivier and Wouter presented the setup they made for Ranson
  • Then Gideon showed the Sigma belt project, a type of sorting chain
  • Finally, Thomas and Olivier showed the Linux distribution they made for a controller operating a weaving machine.
  • Discover the Nalys Institute of Technology

    More than 2 years later, the graduate programs made in Nalys still show great results

  • The Nalys graduate program gets practical

    Our Embedded graduates are rolling up their sleeves and developing  a special project called the Sigma Belt.

  • Nalys invites you to its graduation nights

    The September session of our graduate program is coming to an end and we are planning two special events for the occasion.