Apr 1, 2021

Technical library

N'tech event: Applying DevOps in embedded systems

DevOps principles are taking over the software development community by storm and for good reason.

Year after year the metrics point out that companies applying DevOps have a competitive advantage over non-adopters. The embedded systems field has traditionally been slow in adopting state of the art development practices due to hardware dependencies. This means that there is a lot of room for innovative solutions to accelerate developer feedback.
In this video, you will have a look at the steps that can be taken towards the application of DevOps in embedded development.
This webinar was hosted by Toon and Vincent, embedded software engineers at Nalys.

By the way, what is N’tech?

N’tech is program powered by Nalys whose goal is to create technical communities of engineers around events. We believe that bringing experts together around common topics is the best way to generate real exchange, grow these communities and create real change.

For now those events take the form of webinars but in the future we plan on meeting physically.

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