Mar 11, 2021

Technical library

N'tech event: C++ throughout the ages

C++ has evolved from C and has been around as an official standard since the 90s. It's still widely used in computer applications where control and performance are the key. It is now more widely used due to the growth of embedded systems and their complexity.

Many of you have been using C++ the way they might have learned at university. But a lot of things have changed, especially in the last 10 years, adopting concepts from other languages and modern programming concepts.
During this webinar, you will be taken for a condensed journey through C++ evolution, showcasing some of the modern concepts and some things, which should be left to history, with clear examples of applications for the different versions.
This webinar was hosted by Tomas  and Henk, engineers in the software division at Nalys.
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By the way, what is N’tech?

N’tech is program powered by Nalys whose goal is to create technical communities of engineers around events. We believe that bringing experts together around common topics is the best way to generate real exchange, grow these communities and create real change.

For now those events take the form of webinars but in the future we plan on meeting physically.

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