25 sep. 2017


Interview: a talk with Benjamin, Project Leader

Name: Benjamin

Background: Project Leader

Experience: 5 years

Nalys division: Life Sciences


Nalys expertise community: Project Management


Hobbies: Music, motorbike, and trekking


What did you want do to as a child?

I wanted to be an engineer, but I had no idea of what it meant.

What studies did you do and why?

Arts et Métiers, a generalist engineering school in France; because I wanted to work on complex systems and to be able to improve them.

Why did you choose to embrace a Project Manager job?

I had so many industrial and technical fields of interest that I couldn’t choose only one.  So I choose a job allowing me to easily jump from a field to another.

Why did you choose a Life Sciences consulting job?

Actually, I didn’t choose it. I switched from an Oil&Gas project to a Pharmaceuticals one and I liked it.

What is your current engineering project?

I have severals. All about purification lines (chromatographic columns, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, dilution, mixing…). But some deal with production capacity increase, others deal with cost reduction, others with maintenance or replacement of aging system…

How would you explain your job to kids?

I improve the way companies produce drugs, so that more patients can be cured.

What advice would you give to a future project manager?

Talk to people, get to know them. That’s the best way to be good in your job.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I definitely like my job. So I guess I’ll keep managing projects. But maybe bigger ones.

How Nalys can help you do get there?

By always proposing me exciting missions, and new challenges.

What is the existing innovation you would have loved to create?

Google. Beside the bigbrother side, it’s has clearly improved our way to get knowledge, it gave us a power we had never imagined before.

What future exciting innovative product would you love to be part of?

I’m deeply convinced that the innovation we need the most now is not about technology but about communication and behaviour. So I guess the future exciting innovative product I would love to be a part of is simply a society where moral values prevail over power and money. That would definitely be an innovation.

Tell us more about your passion

Getting people to work together to achieve great things, that’s my job, that’s my passion.

Do you have a secret talent?

I discovered with my son that I’m very good at imitating animals. But I will NOT make a demonstration.

Any last word?

I think we’ve finished here, so now, how about a good Belgian beer ?


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