Jan 31, 2019

Nalys Life

2018, a year of firsts

New cells, new ICMs, new graduate program sessions, new projects and new talents, you name it, we did it all this year! 

As January is about to end, it's time to have a little flashback on the major events that marked the past year. Ready to go back in time? Let's go!

January - 1st technical event of the year

We kicked off the year with a fun Hackjam workshop organized by Hackages at our Brussels offices. Our former graduates and trainers learnt how to take React applications to the next level using Server Side Rendering.

February - 2018 Campus Tour start

The first quarter of the year was the period of the Campus Tour. Why? We visited Engineering Schools and engaged with the Engineers of tomorrow to find the new talents who will take part in our graduate programs.

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March - Rise of the Nalys expertise

Last March, several of our Engineers in VIP* released white papers on  the validation of a Lyophilizer Scada, on a Freeze dryer,  on the decommissioning of a WFI loop, or on Topology optimization for mass reduction in aeronautics. 

At Nalys, we have what we call, VIP*: Valuable Internal Project. When Engineers are between contrats they are in this period that we try to make as valuable as possible. Some Engineers take this time to write technical documents on a specific subject they are experts in. 

Discover our white papers on our Technical library

April - Cells kick off

April marked an important step at Nalys. We launched the first Nalys technical cells: Linux, quality validation, quality assurance and project management. 

Cells are technical communities that gather Engineers who share the same technical skills but who also have complemantary skills. People can then be trained by one of their colleagues but can also share their own knowledge. This colleborative model allow experts to keep growing their expertise and to learn new ones from their peers. 

May - ICMs kick off

May was the month of the ICM launch for several of our clients. Another highlight of the year in terms of shaping the Nalys model. 

An ICM - Integrated Center of Management - is a structure including all the Nalysians working at the same client. We have ICMs for several of our biggest clients. They allow newcomers to be better prepared when they arrive at the client, to have a better support on site and to create a continuity for the client. 

June - Life Sciences department gathering

In June, Engineers working for clients in the Life Sciences industry, as well as managers of the department gathered in our Brussels offices. The plenary was also open to our clients and 10 of them made the trip to be introduced to the entire Life Sciences family!

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July - Summer time!

In July, Nalysians were having fun memories of our Summer event! With a Chic & Geek theme, we were assured an awesome time. Add drinks and cool people and you get an amazing time.  Add cool accessories, fun games and an awesome venue  and you get a Nalys party!

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August - Back to school preparation

This year, August was a month of reflection and introspection for us. We took the opportunity of a quiet Summer to update our on-boarding process and our famous Welcome Day to make them the best we can.

September - New NIT graduate program session

For most people September is a synonym for back to school. For the software engineers of our graduate program, this is a reality. Our Fall session started mid September and about twenty engineers joined our ranks to improve their skills on Embedded software and Web Applications. 

October - Time to carve your pumpkin

We had a pumkin carving competition at the Brussels offices.  Right before Halloween, several Nalysians got inspired and took a knife to carve a pumpkin. We then had the rest of Nalys vote on them. 


November - Graduation nights!

During 2 special nights, the software engineers from our graduate programs presented the projects they have been working on over the past weeks. On the 22nd at our Brussels offices and on the 29th in Gent, they showed clients and other Nalysians, their new skills on practical projects. 

Discover more about the two nights here

December - Nalys first Award ceremony

And for the last first of the year, Nalys organized an Award ceremony to thank and show the work and path of some of our Nalysians. Wether they arrived recently or they made a long journey with Nalys, we are lucky enough to count real talents in our midst. It was a great night that gathered almost 300 people. 

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