Feb 20, 2018

Nalys Life

10 things that we do like no one else…

Career evolution, company organisation, culture, projects, services… Here come the 10 things that we do like no one else!

1- We've been awarded innovative starter of the year in 2015 and we've never stopped driving innovation since.

2- We invest 7% of our annual revenue in internal structure to sustain innovation and make our engineers grow.

3- Our flat management organisation puts our engineers at the heart of the company and its developments.

4- We are structured around technical cells dedicated to 1 technology offering coaching, technical events and more.

5- We set follow-up meetings every 3 months to ensure the project quality for both engineers & customers.

6- We offer a long term career plan to make sure Nalys people are always learning and improving their skills

7- We turn our expert ideas into ready-to-use services to resolve today technical challenge.

8- We are developing a new service for complex technology projects, its name is TaaS for Technology as a Service.

9- We are a human company with a family spirit. And it changes anything for our employees as well as our partners.

10- 88% of our employees think that "Nalys is a good employer" (According to an internal survey made during our career review process.)

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