Jun 12, 2019

Nalys Life

The Life Sciences division annual Plenary

Every year, the Life Sciences division at Nalys meet to  see what happened during the previous year, to welcome the newcomers, talk organization & strategy and to have a look at the future.

This year was no different. The division gathered on June 5th at our Brussels offices or followed the plenary online for those present in France. It was a nice moment to meet with the other members of the division and talk organization.

Here is a video recap of the evening. 

  • Launch of a new training program on automation

    After Embedded systems and Webapp, it's automation's turn to get an NIT training program

  • A special Nalys breakfast

    Last week we organized a special breakfast at one of our clients’ place to celebrate the latest achievements of our engineers working there.

  • 2 minutes to understand the Nalys Technical Cells

    We’ve met with some of the Nalys people working in the first technical cells to learn more about those exclusive communities.