Sep 26, 2017

Nalys Life

About our Linux and Java graduate programs | Graduate TV 01

For the occasion of our 2017 graduate program editions, we’ve created a special graduate TV show on the Nalys YouTube Channel. Follow-up videos, interviews, events, and much more exciting content to be watched. In this first episode, our Technical Director Denis will present you the main ideas behind our new sessions of the Nalys Java and Linux graduates programs.

This 1st episode topics are:
A presentation of our different graduate programs in Belgium.
An introduction to their main topics. 
A few words on how it has been created with Nalys engineers



  • First week of the Nalys graduate programs | Graduate TV 2

    Denis explains us more about the first week of training of our Java & Linux programs.

  • WANTED: Graduation projects

    A development project? We are looking for missions for our embedded Linux & Java graduate programs.

  • Embedded graduate program edition 2017

    This September, we will kick off our second Embedded Software Graduate program.