Telecoms expertise

From R&D to testing, Nalys engineers share their passions on many technological challenges for various customers. Have a look on our work to find out how… 

Agile software & V-cycle

Nalys’ expertise is spread on all the steps of the V cycle in R&D. From the very beginning of the R&D process up to software testing, unit testing up to realization and support. Moreover, our proven track record with technology makers allows us to understand our customers’ business from a technical but also a functional point of view.


Embedded software 

Embedded software development and testing is for me the opportunity to work in environments in which team work, quality, methods & tools are key to success. It is a fantastic domain in which we always look for new solutions, optimisation and innovative ways to do things.


Programming languages 

JAVA, C, C++, PHP or Python… Programming language are everywhere from complex projects to application development. Software development is for me a good opportunity to develop tools that help run company or projects smoothly. It also brings me new challenges on a regular basis.

Software applications 

What is exciting about software application is the wide range of professional sectors you can work for and the constant creativity of the job. Understand the work of people and help them by creating the best tools for their complex tasks is stimulating because you contribute to a big process and help the sector going beyond its limits.


Operation systems

Did you know that the acronym RTEMS initially meant Real-Time Executive for Missile Systems, later it was modified to Real-Time Executive for Military Systems, which is currently used as a real time operation systems in various embedded systems applications. Similar stories exists for multiple Operating systems, each designed and defined for their specific area of application and having their strength in that type of application. Are you sure you are using the right OS?


In such essential sectors as Telecoms, testing is the major part for successful project delivery to our customers, and in the end, people using the network.
The wide range of evolving technology (4G network, IPTV, digital testing…) offers always new challenges!

Project management

For me, project management is the opportunity to work on very different subjects, with very different teams, in very different environments.
The methodological framework and tools that support the work have to be always adapted to these variables.
By always renewing my approach, I keep improving myself and this constant improvement is what is pulling me forward.

Sébastien – Project management expert