Medical devices expertise

From medical imaging to implant or consumer products, Nalys engineers share their passions on many technological challenges for various customers. Have a look on our work to fin out how…


What is exciting about software is the wide range of professional sectors you can work for and the constant creativity of the job. Understand the work of people and help them by creating the best tools for their complex tasks is stimulating because you contribute to a big process and help the sector going beyond its limits.

Yoann – Software Engineer

 Image processing & Algorithm

Image processing is a fascinating field in which you can concretely see the result of your development work. This sector gathers multi-disciplinary teams to deliver advanced vision and image processing solutions using algorithm technics. It offers many uses from tissue screen to medical resonance or industrial quality control.

Automation & ControlS

Automation & control are at the heart of many systems: safety, mechatronics and industrial. They enable those systems to operate with reliability and precision. Beyond the final result, it also presents a lot of interesting challenges from a technological perspective (system identification, design, simulation, testing…).

Denis – Software Technical Manager

Mechanical design  

Designing for me is having the opportunity and freedom to improve or create everyday products people interact with. It allows me to get in contact with various production techniques, people and materials which never fails to keep me exited. I furthermore enjoy problem solving and the iterative nature of the design process when concretizing an idea. But undoubtedly, the most rewarding part of the job is seeing your design or prototype being put successfully into production.

Jeroen – Project & Design Engineer


Healthcare is very rigorous industry regarding processes and changes. And it’s better that way! Regulatory matter is the top of the iceberg of the production process that guarantees the good quality of products. The appealing part of RA stands in the submission and implementation strategy. It is also interesting to follows the news about health agency such as EMA, FDA or Federal regulation code as 21 CFR.

Manuel – Regulatory expert

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology 

Pharmaceutical companies develop and manufacture products of high quality, purity and efficacy to save and sustain lives. Thus, we need to deliver every day the best of our self to make this happen. Continuous improvement, innovation and proactivity are daily tools to reach these goal.

Stéphanie – QA specialist

Project Management 

Project management is the opportunity to work on very different subjects, with very different teams, in very different environments.The methodological framework and tools that support the work have to be always adapted to these variables. By always renewing my approach, I keep improving myself and this constant improvement is what is pulling me forward.

Sébastien – Project Manager