Life sciences expertise

From R&D to manufacturing, Nalys engineers share their passions on many technological challenges for various customers. Have a look on our work to find out how… 

Qualification Validation 

I like the permanent challenge that qualification and validation of pharmaceutical process brings. I really enjoy taking part in the operational and technical readiness of processes that enables pharmaceutical companies to save and sustain lives. Most of all, I really like working in a multidisciplinary environment that feeds my eagerness to learn.

Gilles - Qualif. Valid. specialist

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Quality Control & Assurance

The interesting part of working in the pharmaceutical industry is the high number of challenges when you are working for the development of the quality control laboratory. The constant demand for ethics, efficiency and new technologies leads to a changing environment where we have to be efficient and open-minded.

Marion – QA Validation expert


Healthcare is very rigorous industry regarding processes and changes. And it’s better that way! Regulatory matter is the top of the iceberg of the production process that guarantees the good quality of products. The appealing part of RA stands in the submission and implementation strategy. It is also interesting to follows the news about health agency such as EMA, FDA or Federal regulation code as 21 CFR.

Manuel – Regulatory expert

Production & Supply

In a context where the market is becoming more and more competitive, the importance of production, supply and raw material is very high. Aspects of quality and costs are the key topics and objectives systematically registered by production offices and industrialization departments. Getting involved in the production process is very motivating. It’s a feeling of creating something, participating in its evolution and seeing it take shape.

Pierre – Manufacturing expert 


Engineering is the key in this changing world. As constraints are more and more present (economic restriction, short timing, ecological issues...), every project is an opportunity to extend your technical knowledge but also to face new challenges. It is a real pleasure to work in engineering as every day you reinvent your way of thinking

Stephanie – Biotechnology expert


I enjoy working with new technologies in trying to discover and develop new ways of sustaining and saving lives with state of the art knowledge as well as a critical and open mind.

Dominique – clinical pharmaceutical expert

Project management

For me, project management is the opportunity to work on very different subjects, with very different teams, in very different environments. The methodological framework and tools that support the work have to be always adapted to these variables. By always renewing my approach, I keep improving myself and this constant improvement is what is pulling me forward.

Sébastien – Project manager expert