Automotive Expertise

From simulation & modelling to functional safety, Nalys engineers share their passions on many technological challenges for various customers. Have a look on our work to find out how… 

Mechanical design 

Working in the Tier 1 automotive design department induces an interesting dynamic due to the close collaboration with customers in order to represent their functional needs in the design, whilst optimizing the product manufacturability for cost and quality.

Jeroen. CAD expert

Simulation & Modelling 

Simulation & Modelling gives me the possibility to develop faster, thanks to early testing on computer, instead of prototype solutions.
It is also a great way to share your ideas with experts in mechanical, hydraulics or system domains, which in the end leads to an amazing reduction of development time, and a huge improvement in quality

Embedded software

Embedded software development and testing is for me the opportunity to work in environments in which team work, quality, methods & tools are key to success.
It is a fantastic domain in which we always look for new solutions, optimisation and innovative ways to do things.


Control algorithms are at the heart of many systems: safety, mechatronics and industrial. They enable those systems to operate with reliability and precision. Beyond the final result, it also presents a lot of interesting challenges from a technological perspective (system identification, design, simulation, testing…).

Functional safety

Working on functional safety issues offers interesting challenges from a technological point of view. Achieve objectives and reach the required performances means having a global view on project and taking the right decisions to accomplish high specific requirements. It is also the occasion to work with a large number of departments and to share experience with a lot of different co-workers.

Industrialisation & Manufacturing

In a context where the market is becoming more and more competitive, the importance of product development is very high. Aspects of quality and costs are the key topics and objectives systematically registered by design offices and industrialization departments.
 Being part of the industrialisation process is also a feeling of creating something, participating in its evolution and seeing it take shape. It is like giving birth to a child, ensuring it’s healthy and follows its evolution. :-)

Pierre – Manufacturing expert

Project management

For me, project management is the opportunity to work on very different subjects, with very different teams, in very different environments.
The methodological framework and tools that support the work have to be always adapted to these variables.
By always renewing my approach, I keep improving myself and this constant improvement is what is pulling me forward.

Sébastien – Project management expert