Working in the automotive industry is being part of a versatile environment which is constantly subject to change. Europe has some major actors in this sector which provide an extremely competitive environment… The perfect condition to drive innovation. Bodywork, electrical or hybrid powertrain, security or infotainment are many examples of technological challenges. It results in an incredible environment in which you can work towards the future and more efficient product generations.

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Subpages links for Automotive consulting services | Nalys

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background Jonas - Electronic Development Engineer

The automotive industry gathers different technologies, which are becoming more and more complex through time. Working as a Product Developer in such domain offers good opportunities to learn skills from various fields (such as vibration analysis, thermal dissipation, ISO reglementation, …) and to grow as an efficient and well-aware engineer. The day-to-day activity allows great contact with many clever people, making social skills a big part of the job.

Jonas - Electronic Development Engineer