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Embedded Systems Belgium meetup - September

Embedded system lovers of belgium, let's meet share our passion!

The goal of this event is to meet and talk about our common passion through conferences, trainings and presentation of personal projects related to embedded systems. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing moment around a drink/pizza with others embedded enthusiasts! During this session, we had the chance to welcome 4 exciting speakers:


Riemer Grootjans who talked about the different technical challenges for the world first 100 M/S open source oscilloscope for Ipad, Android and PC.
Sven Rymenants, presented a personal project to overcome different problems in an online meeting reservation application. Sven has explained us how he has built a small embedded system which controls the heating, access and security of planned meeting rooms. A project with various hardware and software components and therefore some challenges to overcome.
Koen Buys who presented :"The Neopter, an entertainment drone that can fly in autonomous fleets, synchronized to light, audio, video, ... bring another new dimension to the stage.This talk will discuss some of the challenges to take the RC drone "Hype" to a new standard."
Thibault Guillaumont who presented an open-platform product based on the technology of transparent screen and digital holography (more info here). The software development is based on an open-source and open-platform strategies to accelerate delivery time and open markets faster. The presentation emphasizes the importance of open-platform in the product design as a competitive advantage for tech companies.


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