Nov 24, 2016


Embedded Systems Belgium meetup - November

The time has come again for the Belgium embedded system lovers to meet and share their passion!

The "embedded systems community of Brussels" meetup goal is to organize conferences, trainings, and presentation of personal projects related to embedded systems. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing moment around a drink with others embedded enthusiasts.

The first speaker will be Daniele Lacamera, and his presentation will be about Frosted. Frosted a community-driven Open Source operating systems for ARM Cortex-M CPUs, designed for the IoT. The main goal of the project is to bring POSIX standards to embedded systems to speed up application development and fill the gap between the UNIX world and real-time embedded systems. Frosted features include hard kernel/userspace separation, system-call based interaction, hardware based memory protection, a real-time scheduler and full TCP/IP networking.

The second speaker will be Hugo Herter, who will present MicroPython, an interpreter for the Python programming language designed to run on microcontrollers. He will then discuss the advantages and disadvantages of running Python on a device that is traditionally only programmed in C and illustrate it with a few demos.

The third speaker will be Frederick Ryckbosch who will present OpenMotics. OpenMotics is an open-source home automation system that wants to enable users to take control over their home. It features both open source hardware and software. During this talk he will focus on how the hardware and software works and what it means to release it as open source. Frederick will share update on the current state and explore the future of home automation.


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