22 Feb 2017

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Graduated Engineer? Discover Nalys GO!

Nalys GO! is a one year program that will give you the keys to start your career as an engineer. This exclusive experience offers you the assurance of working on exciting projects, gain new skills and develop yourself quickly through a tailored career path.


One year to be 100% operational in your industry. GO! Our program guarantees the best conditions for your future project at one of our customers.
As we are a high technology consulting company, our engineers bring technical expertize to major players of the industry.
And we make sure that you get the best supports to perform your job.




  • Each project starts with a kick-off gathering the engineer, his/her project manager and the customer to define the mission & the main targets.

  • Every 3 months, a project review is planned to make sure that the mission is going well and bring supports when needed. 

  • Each project ends with a closure meeting to analyse the main success and also the improvement points.


One year to become even better in what you like. GO! Nalys offers a complete training system that allows our engineers to improve their technical skills.
We’ve divided those trainings following 3 paths to cover every needs:

  • Project trainings to improve performance delivery during your mission
  • Career trainings to support a more global career evolution 
  • Personal trainings for personal development



One year to build a network and meet awesome experts. GO! Before being a consulting company, Nalys is a group of passionate people working on various technologies.
As our engineers are evolving at different customers, we’ve created technical communities so Nalys experts can meet and share from time to time.
Today Nalys hosts 8 communities organising meetings, collective trainings, coaching sessions, R&D projects, presentations and conferences on a regular basis.



One year to meet awesome people and live special moments. GO! Nalys has been built around a strong company culture which promotes performance and conviviality.
In addition to our technical communities, we organise regular events, after-works, table tennis tournaments and many more!
Nalys engineers also have the occasion to meet outside work during the Nalys clubs activities such as sailing, music, football, running and even wine testing. ;-)



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