Dec 8, 2015

Nalys Life

Nalys was awarded as the 2015 Innovative Starter for its new TaaS Service

Created by Innoviris in 2010, the Rise - Innovative Starter program promotes companies from Brussels with high technological potential. This year, it was the State Secretary of the Brussels region and head of scientific research, Fadila Laanan, who awarded the prize to Nalys for its strategic plan and approach to innovation.

TaaS partnerships for high technology

The main idea behind TaaS is simple: offering a configurable service that allows companies to deliver their projects faster and for a better price. It provides more flexibility, cost efficiency and learning, whether the needs be in consulting, expertise or result-oriented projects.


As the winner of the Rise - Innovative Starters award 2015, the company received a €500,000 subsidy to sustain its projects and growth over the next 3 years. This allows Nalys to continue developing its TaaS

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